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The Auction

Friday to Sunday at OKsoberfest

Auction Hammer


OKsoberfest auction items are any sort of art, books, AA memorabilia or historical items that can be auctioned for fundraising purposes.

Items will be on display in the main hall alongside a paper where participants can write a bid price.

The auction will be concluded on Saturday Night during Dinner when final buds will be taken live.


Donations of items are needed to make this event a success. To donate please contact Graham (Ipswich Monday night or Col (Wed Queens Park), bring along on the day or send an email to:

Big Book.jpg

AA Big Book

The Australian Experience

A rare special edition of the Big Book published in 1995 to commemorate the 50th anniversary of AA in Australia. 

Kindly donated by Les  (Sunday morning group)

Big Book_edited.jpg
OKsoberfest 2023 Mug.jpg


For sale at OKsoberfest.

Pictures of artworks can be submitted by email to: 

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